• On Dead Waves

  • Lost Under Heaven

  • Lift To Experience

  • A Certain Ratio

  • Richard H. Kirk & Sandoz

  • ADULT.

  • Lee Ranaldo

  • Goldfrapp

  • Nicolas Bougaïeff

  • Nonpareils

  • Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon

  • Daniel Blumberg

  • Plastikman

  • Chris Liebing

  • Zola Jesus

  • New Order

  • Arca

  • Looper

  • Du Blonde

  • Liars

  • Cabaret Voltaire —
    Methodology '74-'78: Attic Tapes

  • Cold Specks —
    Blank Maps

  • New Order —
    Music Complete

  • Lift To Experience —
    The Texas - Jerusalem Crossroads

  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross —
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

  • Cabaret Voltaire —

  • Cold Specks —
    Blank Maps/Winter Solstice

  • Du Blonde —
    Welcome Back To Milk

  • ADULT. —
    Detroit House Guests

  • Cold Specks —
    I Predict a Graceful Expulsion

  • Cabaret Voltaire —
    Listen Up With Cabaret Voltaire

  • Liars —
    No.1 Against The Rush

  • Martin L Gore —

  • Goldfrapp —
    Silver Eye

  • Silicon Teens —
    Music for Parties

  • Cabaret Voltaire —

  • Laibach —
    Iron Sky

  • Irmin Schmidt —
    Electro Violet

  • New Order —
    Music Complete: Remix EP

  • White Rabbits —
    Milk Famous

  • Liars —
    Staring At Zero

  • Lee Ranaldo —
    Moroccan Mountains

  • Lee Ranaldo —
    Thrown Over The Wall

  • Liars —
    Cred Woes

  • Ben Frost —
    Threshold Of Faith

  • ADULT. —
    Uncomfortable Positions (feat. Lun*na Menoh)

  • Lee Ranaldo —
    New Thing

  • Erasure —
    World Be Gone

  • Erasure —
    Love You To The Sky

  • Can —
    Dizzy Dizzy (The Singles Pt. 2)

  • Can —
    She Brings The Rain (The Singles Pt. 1)

  • Lee Ranaldo —
    Circular (Right As Rain)

  • ADULT. —
    We Are A Mirror (feat. Douglas J McCarthy)

  • Lift To Experience —
    Falling From Cloud 9

  • Goldfrapp —

  • ADULT. —
    We Chase The Sound (feat. Shannon Funchess)

  • Looper —
    Farfisa Song

  • Goldfrapp —

  • Maps —
    Playlist: Vicissitude

  • Maps —
    Playlist: Turning The Mind & We Can Create

The Acid

Unveil Extended Video for “Fame”






Intimate, spine chilling vocals” – Dazed 

The Acid have so far built up a following as an anonymous totem of haunting vocals and dismembered electronics” Nowness

The Acid enthrall and enrapture” – NME


The Acid reveal the gorgeous extended video for critically acclaimed track “Fame” below in addition to live footage of the track, fresh off their sold out European dates.

Share and watch The Acid live here.

The Acid will release their exceptional debut album Liminal on July 15th 2014 in the US/Canada via Mute. Infectious Music will release Liminal in the rest of the world July 7th, 2014.

The Acid came together from three separate worlds, joining together through a profound synchronicity.  They are globe trotting, Grammy nominated DJ & Producer Adam Freeland, creator of subversive crossover hit ‘We Want Your Soul’, spearhead of a scene and label boss of Brighton’s Marine Parade Records; Californian Polymath Steve Nalepa, whose time is split as a producer, composer, professor of music technology; and Australian, LA based artist and producer Ry X, whose ‘Berlin EP’ was released in late 2013 to softly bubbling acclaim, and who, with his other alter ego as one half of Howling, created an eponymous club smash and toured heavily through 2013’s festival circuit.

Ry and Adam, who had initially met in Australia several years prior, ran into each other at a mutual friend’s party in LA last year. They had both been on recent journeys of personal growth and a deeper exploration into art, which led to them collaborating together at Ry’s property in Topanga Canyon.  As luck would have it, Freeland had a session booked with his friend Nalepa at his home studio the very next day, where they birthed the track “Animal” within 24 hours of this kizmetic collaboration.  The full-length record was written in one more intensive session at Nalepa’s home studio space.

Quite the feat, but they all maintain this project has in many ways been remarkably effortless. As Nalepa reveals, “in the first couple of songs, we came up with our palette of sound. We had that moment where you realise, ‘we could do a whole body of work like this’.” Freeland continues, “Everything about this process has been very synchronistic. From making music, to getting a record deal: it’s just flowed. The Acid birthed itself.” He goes on, referencing Malcolm Gladwell’s The Outliers, “Things come out of people being in the right place at the right time, but those people have to have done their ten thousand hours’ work on their craft and then hit that moment in time.”