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  • Erasure —
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  • Maps —
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Daniel Blumberg

New Single ‘Stacked’ + Rough Trade’s Album Of The Month

DANIEL BLUMBERG, MINUS – Rough Trade’s Album of the Month

Listen to Stacked – third track to be released from Daniel Blumberg’s first album for Mute Records, released May 4th. Order the album here

*Instore at Rough Trade East Friday, May 4th*

“Minus is astonishing… Both stunning and original” **** Q

“Introspective explosion…  recalls Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock and Neil Young’s ‘Ditch Trilogy’ ” 8/10 Uncut

“The outpourings of a unique mind, grafted to the songs of a gifted songwriter”

8/10 Loud & Quiet

“Minus is a great record, one of those you already know that will accompany you for a long time” Rumore

daniel blumberg madder

Daniel Blumberg Madder

On Friday, Daniel Blumberg will release his much-anticipated debut release for Mute, a collaboration with Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley and Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White).

Singled out by Rough Trade as their “Album of the Month”, the record will be available via Rough Trade with an exclusive companion CD, featuring solo interpretations of each track on the album and recorded by Pete Walsh at Holy Mountain studios. It will include new solos from Daniel Blumberg (guitar & vocals), Jim White (drums), Billy Steiger (violin), Tom Wheatley (double bass), Seymour Wright (saxophone), Ute Kanngiesser (cello) and Terry Day (balloons and pipes).

An exhibition of a selection of Blumberg’s original drawings will run concurrently at Rough Trade New York.

Daniel Blumberg will support the album release with a residency at London’s Café OTO.


4 May             Rough Trade East, London, England – Free Entry

17 May           St George’s Church @ Brighton Festival, Brighton, England

1 June            Café Oto, London, England – Tickets

12 June         Olympic Café, Paris, France – Tickets

09 July           Café Oto, London, England – Tickets

25 Aug           Sea Change Festival, Totnes, England – Tickets


Minus is released on May 4th.

Watch live footage of recently released album tracks Minus and Madder here

Daniel Blumberg Online: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Daniel Blumberg

Shares New Video For 'Family' Feat. Stacy Martin

Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg

Performs on Later... with Jools Holland

Daniel BLumberg

daniel blumberg madder

Daniel Blumberg

Shares Second Single 'Madder'

Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg

Announces Video & New Album On Mute

Daniel Blumberg

Mute Bank Christmas Sale

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