• ZJ Jeff Elstone Taiga#1 cropped

    Zola Jesus

  • Photograph_CreditNickWilson_sm

    New Order

  • Arca - Daniel Sannwald 1 RGB SM


  • Looper_Credit_RonnieBlack


  • DuB_pressYellowNew_sm

    Du Blonde

  • OnDeadWaves

    On Dead Waves

  • pressphoto-01

    Lost Under Heaven

  • Lift To Experience

    Lift To Experience

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    A Certain Ratio

  • rhkirk_7889 box_dig

    Richard H. Kirk & Sandoz

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    Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon

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    Ben Frost

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    Cold Specks

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    The Ministry Of Wolves

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  • Live at the Lyceum

    Cabaret Voltaire —
    Live At The Lyceum

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    Apparat —
    Candil de la Calle

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    Non —
    Back to Mono

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    New Order —
    People On The High Line

  • 1974-76sm

    Cabaret Voltaire —
    Cabaret Voltaire 1974-76

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    VCMG —

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    Diamond Version —
    EP. 1

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    Yann Tiersen —

  • 2x45 CABS9CD

    2×45 —

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    Big Deal —

  • 71hsDvwDTCL

    Cold Specks —

  • the afghan whigs black love_20_UK

    The Afghan Whigs —
    Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)

  • cabs best of 72dpi

    Cabaret Voltaire —
    The Original Sound Of Sheffield '78 / '82 Best Of

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    Erasure —
    A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot

  • 51GNbiSdEIL

    Liars —

  • rhkirk_7889 box_dig

    Richard H. Kirk & Sandoz —
    #7489 (collected works 1974 - 1989) & #9294 (collected works 1992 - 1994)

  • Live YMCA

    Cabaret Voltaire —
    Live At The YMCA 27.10.79.

  • Beth-Jeans-Houghton-The-Hooves-Of-Destiny-Atlas

    Beth Jeans Houghton —

  • arca_mutant_artwork_digital_NEW

    Arca —

  • MickHarvey_IntoxicatedWomen_Packshot_Credit L.J.Spruyt

    Mick Harvey —
    Intoxicated Women

  • Goldfrapp —

  • ADULT. —
    We Chase The Sound (feat. Shannon Funchess)

  • Looper —
    Farfisa Song

  • Goldfrapp —

  • Maps —
    Playlist: Vicissitude

  • Maps —
    Playlist: Turning The Mind & We Can Create

  • Maps —
    Vicissitude (Album Trailer)

  • Crime & The City Solution —
    American Twilight

  • Big Deal —
    In Your Car

  • Polly Scattergood —

  • Cold Specks —
    Hector (Hoxton Hall Session)

  • Can —
    The Lost Tapes (Desert)

  • Can —
    The Lost Tapes (Graublau)

  • Can —
    THE LOST TAPES (Midnight Sky)

  • Liars —
    No.1 Against The Rush (Official Video)

  • Big Deal —
    Talk (Official Video)

  • Erasure —
    Fill Us With Fire [Kaleidoscope Video]

  • White Rabbits —
    Heavy Metal

  • The Mute Synth —
    The Mute Synth

  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross —
    Immigrant Song (Official Video)


“Go!” 8-bit Remix Featured in Microsoft Music x Technology Project “Meet Me At Go!”


 “GO!” BLUE VINYL 12” OUT 4/14

 20151214_M83-Anthony-Gonzalez66365-WEBPhoto: Andrew Arthur

“[Junk] crushes” – NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“M83 is back to save the universe…easily M83’s most challenging, best album to date.” – AV CLUB

“[‘Go!’ is] an undeniable fist-pump of an anthem.” – PITCHFORK

“[‘Go!’] has a hook so good that its pre-chorus is composed of a countdown to it, and you’re still not ready for its full effect.” ­– FUSE

“Go!,” the track AltNation’s Jeff Regan declared one of his songs of Summer 2016, gets reimagined into an 8-bit remix via a collaboration with Microsoft, inspired by Anthony Gonzalez’s love of retro video games. Exploring new frontiers of interactive art and music, Microsoft engaged a team of up-and-coming developers to build a web game experience inspired by the 8-bit remix.

The online game experience, “Meet Me At Go!,” takes fans on an unexpected journey through the song as they race through a retro-futuristic cityscape, dodging obstacles and collecting objects in pursuit of their love. The experience draws inspiration from the 8-bit world and the aesthetic of classic arcade games, as well as pulling in themes of longing, searching and racing from the song itself.  Play it now or download it from the Windows Store. Check out a gameplay video of the game HERE.

“Go!” 8-bit remix is featured on the new “Go!” Remixes EP, a set of blissful reimaginings for winter nights, including remixes by Scottish DJ/musician/producer KC Lights, J.Laser – the creative moniker of M83’s touring bassist/multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lawlor, + the previously released Animal Collective/Deakin remix. Also included is a a Fabich remix of “Bibi the Dog” and a C. Duncan remix of “Solitude.” Full tracklisting below. Listen to the “Go!” remix EP HERE.

“Go!” 8-bit remix will also be featured on the “Go!” 12”, to be released on April 14 2017. This Blue Vinyl 12” features an unreleased B-side, “Altered Love”, also featuring Mai Lan. Full tracklisting below, pre-order now HERE.

Anthony recently announced he will embark on an exciting new artistic chapter as the composer and musical director for the famed Cirque du Soleil’s latest production, “Volta”. “Volta” will be presented under the Big Top in Montreal’s Old Port beginning April 20, 2017. Tickets are available via Cirque du Soleil.

“Go!” Remixes Digital EP Tracklisting:
1) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan
2) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan (KC Lights Remix)
3) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan (J. Laser Remix)
4) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan (Animal Collective/Deakin Remix)
5) “Go!” (8-bit Version)
6) “Bibi the Dog” feat. Mai Lan (Fabich Remix)
7) “Solitude” (C. Duncan Remix)

“Go!” Remixes Blue Vinyl 12” Tracklisting
A1) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan
A2) “Altered Love” feat. Mai Lan
B1) “Go!” feat. Mai Lan (Animal Collective/Deakin Remix)
B2) “Go!” (8-bit Version)

Listen to the album version of “Go!” HERE.
Pre-order the “Go!” Blue Vinyl 12” HERE.

M83’s latest album, JUNK, shocked and surprised by delivering an ambitious masterpiece which fused old-school house music, pianos, synthesized vocals, prog excess, pop art bubblegum hooks and the trademark M83 sax. Featured guest vocalists included Beck, Mai Lan, Susanne Sundfør and Jordan Lawlor. JUNK was M83’s highest charting album worldwide.






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