Louis Carnell Shares A New Collaboration For 111 Series

Louis Carnell completes his 111 series today, sharing a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, composer and visual artist Damsel Elysium. The new track completes a journey that has seen Carnell work with Keeley Forsyth, Lee Ranaldo, Ben Vince, Yasa Asmar, Coby Sey, KMRU, Okkyung Lee, Wu-Lu, Green-House, Daniel Miller, Laraaji, Marta De Pascalis, Leila, and Nailah Hunter across 15 tracks that are now available digitally and on double vinyl.

Listen to ‘Fifteen’ where processed acoustic sources combine with Louis Carnell and Damsel Elysium’s layered vocals, his spoken word opening into a heartfelt lament.

Talking about the track, Damsel Elysium said: “Collaborating with Louis on this project felt very natural and connected. I’m honoured to have contributed to such a dynamic project with such a talented array of artists.”

Each track in the series is accompanied by one of three visual works by Arcin Sagdic (Maison Margiela, COMME des GARÇONS, Burberry) and Louis Carnell, extending Carnell’s visual collaborations that have included Daniel Sannwald, Frederik Heyman and Peter De Potter.

Carnell explains the project, “As the engine of modern life funnels us into states of loss and isolation, 111 aims at a utopian poetics of hope. Re-aligning connections by exploring mutual spaces 111 attempts to empower its listener & forms an equivalent environment for each collaboration. Each artist that features on 111 has provided me with multiple moments of resilience & comfort when in times of solitude & I’m thankful to them all.”

111 live events have included performances at the ICA (on a bill with Keeley Forsyth, his first collaborator for the series), Café OTO and Stoke Newington Old Church in London and the Volksbühne in Berlin.

111 – tracklisting

one – Louis Carnell & Keeley Forsyth

two – Louis Carnell & Lee Ranaldo

three – Louis Carnell & Ben Vince

four – Louis Carnell & Yasa Asmar

five – Louis Carnell & Coby Sey

six – Louis Carnell & KRMU

seven – Louis Carnell & Okkyung Lee

eight – Louis Carnell & Wu-Lu

nine – Louis Carnell & Green-House

ten – Louis Carnell & Daniel Miller

eleven – Louis Carnell & Laraaji

twelve – Louis Carnell & Marta De Pascalis

thirteen – Louis Carnell & Leila

fourteen – Louis Carnell & Nailah Hunter

fifteen – Louis Carnell & Damsel Elysium