Maps Releases Counter Continuo

MAPS – aka James Chapman – today releases a new 6-track collection, Counter Continuo, the final release in the Counter Melodies series that began a year ago.

The series started in Feb ‘23 with the release of his fifth studio album, Counter Melodies. Counter Melodies – one of the fastest, most intensely euphoric pieces Maps has ever produced – was accompanied by remixes from Plaid, GLOK (Ride’s Andy Bell) and Pye Corner Audio, each expanding the original’s uplifting escapism. Counter Mixes followed, a collection of tracks from his original album, reworked by Chapman to explore the sounds, structures and tempos of the originals, bending them into new and undiscovered areas.

The 6-track release comprises tracks that were originally recorded during the Counter Melodies sessions, later revisited and reworked as a companion piece. Chapman explains, “When I was making the Counter Melodies album, I actually worked on around 30 or so tracks, but for the final album I chose the 10 tracks that I felt flowed best overall as an LP, meaning I had to leave out some music that I loved very much.”

Six of these tracks became Counter Continuo, mixing upbeat grooves and widescreen euphoria, alongside moments of darker, stranger and grittier production. Chapman goes on to say, “I am very proud of it as a collection and thrilled that people will finally hear these tracks.”

Each release in the series has continued to move the music in new and unexpected directions, culminating in this fresh and invigorated sonic journey.


  1. Southbourne
  2. Anniverse
  3. Brother
  4. 1 a.m.
  5. Alone
  6. Still Not Sleeping

Listen to Counter Mixes:
Listen to Counter Melodies: