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Lift To Experience

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

Full Details Of The Definitive Release Of Their Seminal Double Concept Album – Out On 3 February 2017

“This is the story of three Texas boys busy mindin’ their own business when the Angel of the Lord appeared unto them saying…

‘When God calls the crippled, deaf, and blind to lead the children of Israel to the Promised Land.’

‘The children of Israel?’ we asked

‘Don’t you boys know nothin’? – The USA’s the center of Jerusalem.'”


Josh T. Pearson’s cult band, Lift To Experience, announce full details of the much-anticipated definitive release of their seminal double concept album, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads.

Fresh from the triumph of Lift To Experience’s reunion at the Royal Festival Hall in London earlier this year, as part of Guy Garvey’s Meltdown festival, the band returned to the original Texas studio – The Echo Lab in Denton County – where their one and only album release was recorded.

There, the band set out to create a brand new mix of The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads with engineer Matt Pence 15 years after its original release. Full circle, as God intended.

The album was originally recorded live to tape, and Matt Pence was able to mix from those original recordings and capture the energy of the three musicians playing together in the room. Listen closely, you can hear the whirl of Josh’s trademark Leslie amp.

Josh T. Pearson explains, “We went back to the studio, neck deep in the heart of Texas, where Lift recorded The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads – remixing the album the way it should have be mixed originally. It’s good to have our balls back after years spent being castrated.”

Lift To Experience formed in Denton, Texas, at the end of the last millennium by Josh T. Pearson, Andy Reginald Young and Josh ‘Bear’ Browning. Their rise was fast and their reign was short. Following the release of their long-form masterpiece, the band imploded at the peak of their career due to a series of cruel tragedies. In this short time, however, Lift To Experience achieved high critical acclaim and were so beloved by John Peel that he invited them to record three Peel sessions in just five months, and the band were included in the Best 125 Peel Sessions of all time.

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads will be released by Mute on 3 February 2017 with rejuvenated album artwork, an homage to the Texas-based graphics design studio Pen & Pixel famed for their 90’s Southern gangsta rap album covers.

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads will be available on vinyl, CD and as a deluxe box set, which will feature Lift To Experience’s classic 15/04/2001 Peel session as well as their demo EP from 1997.



The full-tracklisting:

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

CD1 – Texas

1. Just As Was Told

2. Down Came The Angels

3. Falling From Cloud 9

4. With Crippled Wings

5. Waiting To Hit

6. The Ground So Soft

CD2 -Jerusalem

1. These Are The Days

2. When We Shall Touch

3. Down With The Prophets

4. To Guard And To Guide You

5. Into The Storm

Vinyl Boxset:

– The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

LP1 – Texas

A1. Just As Was Told

A2. Down Came The Angels

A3. Falling From Cloud 9

B1. With Crippled Wings

B2. Waiting To Hit

B3. The Ground So Soft

LP2 – Jerusalem

C1. These Are The Days

C2. When We Shall Touch

C3. Down With The Prophets

D1. To Guard And To Guide You

D1. Into The Storm

– Peel Session:

Side A

1. Falling From Cloud 9

2. The Ground So Soft

Side B:

1. Just As Was Told (7.52)

2. With The World Behind (3.57)

– EP:

Side A:

1. Falling From Cloud 9

2. With The World Behind

Side B:

3. Arise and Shine

4. Liftin On Up



Lift To Experience live at Royal Festival Hall, 2016:

“The hall was packed and the atmosphere intense…” **** The Times

“Blasting off at the end of the world… A noisy coup for Guy Garvey on the first night of the Meltdown…” **** Evening Standard

“…as exquisite as it is incendiary” Drowned In Sound

Pre-order here: https://www.musicglue.com/lift-to-experience/








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