Berlin-based modular synthesist and Berghain resident JakoJako, aka Sibel Koçer, released the Verve EP on Mute in January 2023 and has just announced her Segmente EP, out July 2024.

JakoJako’s passion for electronics began with an urge to play with sound, and a desire to learn more about this world of modular systems and patch cables. Before long she had progressed into performing regular live sets, had a Berghain Residency and a position at Berlin electronic music institution, SchneidersLaden.

Prior to her debut EP for the label, JakoJako made appearances on both Martin Gore’s The Third Chimpanzee Remixed and New Order’s Be a Rebel Remix 12”. This release follows her immersive debut album Metamorphose, and presents four brilliant new songs including the icy techno track ‘Auris’, released exclusively on Beatport in November 2022.

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