Miss Grit

Miss Grit

New York-based, Korean-American musician Margaret Sohn (they/she), aka Miss Grit, released their debut album Follow the Cyborg in 2023.

Miss Grits’ impetus to conceive an album about the life of a cyborg stems from their own connection to this way of existing. As a mixed-race, non-binary artist, Sohn has always rejected the limits of identity thrust upon them by the outside world, in favour of embracing a more fluid and complex understanding of the self.

Before her debut album, Miss Grit had released two acclaimed EPs, Talk, Talk, about the complexities of relationships, and Impostor on grappling with identity. The self-produced debut, Follow the Cyborg, was recorded entirely in their home studio, and mostly in solitude with several guest collaborators joining – Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Aron Kobayashi Ritch of Momma, and Pearla.

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