KÁRYYN Shares A New Song

Armenian-American vocalist, songwriter, videographer and composer/producer KÁRYYN shares her first new song in four years, ‘Anthem For Those Who Know’. The single was co-produced with Hudson Mohawke and is out now on Mute. 

“I wanted to give this song to you now because I think it speaks to the moment. It’s about standing up with the magnitude of peace in the face of violence of any kind. This was my own personal protest song for the last few years, for myself and for my life. 

The message of this song is about liberation; personal and collective. My hope is that it inspires strength in anyone who needs it, to speak truth to power, and cut through bullshit and illusions to say: “I’m not going to let fear imprison or silence me.”

I know what it’s like to be alone and afraid of being punished for speaking up. I also know the immense freedom that arises from embracing your worth & using your voice for the truth. 

If nothing else, know that you’re not alone, and if no one else knows, I know.”  


In communing with her past, present and future selves, KÁRYYN reaches through time to tell stories of her lineage in scientific and spiritual language; childhood summers in Syria and winters in Indiana. Her debut project The QUANTA Series saw her explore her own past to dizzying effect, bringing acclaim in the press (Pitchfork, WIRED, The Guardian, DAZED, Fact, i-D) and a cult audience of fans and fellow artists (Björk, Actress, Hudson Mohawke) alike.

As KÁRYYN readies new music for the year ahead, she first offers this rallying cry to see if it can be put to use personally and collectively.