KÁRYYN 'the REAL' Gets A Remix From HAAi

Armenian-American producer, songwriter and multimedia artist KÁRYYN [pronounced Kaah-Reen] has shared HAAi’s new remix of recent single ‘the REAL’. The new remix – out now on Mute – injects the Australian electronic producer and DJ’s sonic psychedelia into the original.

Released last month, KÁRYYN’s latest single ‘the REAL’ recalls a heroine’s journey; a tale of her own 5-year search for wholeness. The track, co-produced with British record producer James Ford, lifts the lid on her forthcoming Calm KAOSS! EP, due for release on 22 May 2024. Already described as “techno-symphonic grandeur” by The Guardian, a song that and as “sharp-edged, vivacious” and “a stylistic triumph” by CLASH Magazine, ‘the REAL’ strips away at posturing and ego, reminding us that we are all reflecting one another. Following the track’s first play at BBC Radio 1, Jack Saunders said: “‘When KÁRYYN is making music, she often conjures up a deeper listen, combining textures of electronics and beats, to make it feel like you are being put under a spell in some way. That really for me… expands the mind, love that piece of music.” 

“I love HAAi’s radical optimism, her spirit and her work in electronic music, so of course getting her to digest and remix my work was really exciting. She’s a total baddie in music and, like ‘the REAL’ says, we are all just recognizing ourselves in one another.”  KÁRYYN 

“Where The QUANTA Series was rooted in nostalgia, it was clear to me that this production needed to reflect the triumph and expansion I was feeling,” KÁRYYN notes. “I felt really empowered exploring what that could sound like.” Shortly before sharing ‘the REAL’, KÁRYYN broke her five-year hiatus with the release of her personal protest song ‘Anthem For Those Who Know’, co-produced by Hudson Mohawke and similarly lauded by the press, with support from Pitchfork, CLASH, Crack, FADER, Resident Advisor. 

KÁRYYN’s Calm KAOSS! EP serves as a bridge, carrying KÁRYYN from the formative inspirations of her first releases to a moment of self-assurance and revelation, as she continues to channel messages from the future.